Radio Intercom with CD Player
-Intercom with CD Player and Radio
-IA-28/29 chime module to
distribute chime audio throughout
your home. The clear sound of compact
disc Powerful 20-watt amplifier  
provides excellent fidelity,
Monitor baby's room
-Electronic scan tuning, 12-station  
memory, wake-to-music feature
-Control CD or radio from remote  
stations-on/off, select CD track or
radio station. Use up to nine speakers
(15 with  optional IA-40 expansion
module) plus three door speakers.
-Deluxe Radio/Intercom
-IA-28/29 chime module to  
distribute chime audio throughout  
your home
-Use up to 13 speakers plus three
door speakers
-Powerful 15-watt amplifier gives
cleaner, crisper vocal and musical
-"Hands-free" answering of calls
originating from Master Station
-Monitor baby's room
-Digitallytuned AM/FM radio,   
12-station memory, wake to music
-Control radio from remote
stations-on/off, select memory
radio station
Airphone Intercoms
Basic Gate/Door Entry Intercom
Includes two NOTR Doorbell Charm and
open voice communications to one
Private and selective call
Hands free open voice
Commerical and
Deluxe Open Voice Selective Call Intercom System
Stainless Steel Edition
Video Door Entry Intercom System
Black and White Screen
Color Screen
RAX/RCX Commercial Selective Call Open Voice Intercom System
RA-A      Wall or Desktop

RA-B       Wall Mount Station

RCX-48   Main CPU
Open your
to a better way of
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New Retro-M Intercom System
Replacement for the old M&S and Nutone
Systems that are no longer available.